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Birthdate:Aug 4
Location:United States of America
I'm awesome.

Interests (84):

"male enhancement" commercials, airplanes, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, anime, astrology, being a minor deity, being cooler than you, being especially random, cats, cheese, chobits, chuck palahniuk, chucks, condom balloon animals, ddr, dead alien babies, diablo 2, disney movies, disney songs, donnie darko, dreams, drunken shaving cream fights, duo maxwell, eve6, fight club, frightening small children, fuzzy things with whiskers, gemstone iv, gerard's faux-spanish accent, gerard's little spazzy-screamy fits, gundam wing, hacky sack, happily-ever-after endings, haruki murakami, heero yuy, hoodies with ears, hopping on the bandwagon, hot hot heat, hot sperm, hugs and kisses, invader zim, johnen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, making things go boom, music, mustangs, my own little world, my pretty, my tamagotchi, neil gaiman, ok go, ok go's oh!'s, poetry, pretzel boy #2, psychology, rainy days, random davey noises, reading, reading during lectures, reading in public places, rodents, sex, siamese cats, simon r. green, sitting alone in restaurants, songs with violent lyrics, squee, standing out in crowds, staying up late, suicide poetry, the beatles, the black crowes, the faint, the misfits, the princess bride, u2, usf, v, welding, writing, writing during class, wwii planes, zeromancer
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